Summer '22 Campaign: Chapter 2

12 P.M. Take Me To The River

The next chapter in our summer story takes us from the market square to the river and the historic Kingston Bridge.

Leaving the hustle and bustle of the town behind, there’s a different energy here, the pace is slower, and there’s a feeling of calm and tranquillity that only the water can offer.

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Kingston Bridge

A place to gather, to feel connected to the earth and to meet with loved ones, the flow of the river below us is peaceful and reassuring. There’s a certain romance to the riverside; it awakens all of our senses. The soft sound of water lapping the shore, peals of laughter lightly dancing through the air and the sudden squawk of a seagull reminds us we’re not the only ones here. You feel the warmth of the sun, the cool of the breeze and an occasional mist of water.

Time is of no consequence and the people-watching is plentiful. Enthusiastic rowers in narrow little kayaks splash by, larger boats glide with the movement of the river carrying revellers who wave and raise glasses at those on the bridge.

We’re experiencing this together, and we feel harmonious and happy.

Into The Blue

Mirroring the blue of deep water, we look to worn-in denim in inky hues. Layered with soft chambray or teamed with ruffled cotton, it feels fresh like the air, and light enough for the midday sun. There’s a language and symmetry to our looks, we’re inspired by a Seventies’ mood, and are dressed for the long, lazy day with as much ease and effortlessness of the river we’re watching.

A Sunseeker’s Paradise

Facing into the sun, our hair is touselled and undone allowing freedom and movement. Our skin feels kissed by the sun’s rays and our make-up is left natural and bronzed to reflect this. The tactile texture of our clothes feels good, from the gentle ruffles on our blouses to the cool metal of our jewellery, there’s both a simplicity and a depth. The day is warming up and we’re settling into its soothing stride.

Join us for the final chapter of our summer story on the 22nd of August, where it will be late afternoon, and we’ve left the river to delve deeper into the natural beauty of this place we call home.