Summer '22 Campaign: Chapter 1

9A.M. A Season of Sun

The evocative season of sun brings us out of our homes and together with friends. It’s a season to be enjoyed. There’s a different feeling in the air and a spirit unrivalled by any other time of the year.

This special season, its sunshine and simplicity is good for the soul. Join us as we tell our summer story in the beautiful town of Kingston.

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Kingston Market

Early beams of sunlight stretch across the market place, morning bird song and the gentle hum of traffic plays as this ancient town slowly wakes and comes to life. Shutters coming up, awnings being opened, puffs of steam and the soft scent of first coffees. Rustling papers, scattered pastry crumbs and the low chatter of local stall holders. 

Phone beeps; ‘Be there soon’. The day lies ahead, and it promises to be glorious. No agenda, no schedule. Just us and the freedom to explore our town, our home. 

Colour Me Happy

The joy of dressing for days like these lies in colour. Bold, bright and brave, it’s unapologetically vibrant during the sunshine months. Dive into deep, pool-like turquoise and pull on zingy, fresh slices of tangerine. Tart and delicious, they work effortlessly on luxe, fluid silks and lightweight tailoring. 

Uplifting and mood-enhancing, summer looks should be playful and fizz with optimism. There’s a reason we feel better this time of year, and it’s not all down to the weather. Our wardrobes play their part too.

Step Into Summer

Striding into the day in clothes that represent our weekend attitude; sunny, smiling, positive. These strong shapes and graphic prints are complemented by soft touches; loose hair, a languid trench, a relaxed scarf. 

And the accessories are pure unadulterated summer. Strappy heels that show our toes and dinky little bags that won’t weigh us down. The sun begins to bake into the old stone of the buildings that surround us and we feel its warmth on our skin. Soaking it up. 

Layered To Perfection

Fabric and texture is key when layering for an English summer’s day. Layered pastel tones with grounding neutrals work best in cool cottons and light linens with silky moments to bring it all together. 

Finally, there are the finishing touches we can’t forget. Chic sunglasses to shield us from the rays and gold jewellery that catches them. Simultaneously relaxing and elevating our summer looks. We feel good and it radiates. 

As the morning moves towards the afternoon, our day continues. Join us soon for the next chapter in our story, an ode to the heart of our town and the history that flows through it. You can read the next chapter of the story on the 28th of July.